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Sierra 4G 760S wireless modem

I have one of these devices which used to be ok contract but was released from contract for technical reasons as it dint work well moving ina train. Telstra tell me that its now a nice paperweight.


I have unlocked and it works fine on optus now but I would like to be able to use it prepay on telstra occationally using a sim in annother device I have.

Unfortunatly, although I have checked the APN and it all looks as though its connected I get no internet connection on telstra sim(prepay).


My question is - do Telstra bar these devices once a contract is cancelled and thus making it a paperweight to quote their support person? If they do is there any way arround it as it as it seems a bad practice to me?



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Re: Sierra 4G 760S wireless modem

You need to ensure the APN is telstra.wap or telstra.iph and not telstra.bigpond which is what I think it would be Smiley Happy




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Re: Sierra 4G 760S wireless modem

Its always confusing because the unit has a telstra logo on it and when you login to the device it shows a bigpond logo.


My prepay sim is a telsta one and have tried telstra.iph telstra.wap and telstra.internet.


In alll cases it show connected 'DC infact currently' has transfered a small ammount of data. ALso shows a mail symbol but not sure how to see that. However I cannot connect to the internet.


I have also checked that its IMEI is not locked, which indeed it shouldnt be anyway but still wont wok on prepay.


There must be a way of using this device - it seems silly that I would have to go buy the prepay equivalent when clearly this is a better device.


Any more clues?




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