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Slow 4G speeds in Grantville Victoria at night

Hi there, in the last few weeks I've noticed my night speed going to an absolute snail's pace. 
Currently using Mobile Broadband, iPhone 8 Plus both with Telstra
And my mother Using Boost which all seem to slow at night. 

I live around the Grantville area in Victoria.

I'm an Online uni student and watch and participate in night lectures. As well as being in a long-distance relationship and use video calls over wifi.
I won't be able to use this service when uni starts again as its too slow.
Currently on 200GB plan for mobile broadband and 60Gb for phone.

I bought an Optus sim card to try and see if its Telstra or something else.
Optus outperforms Telstra by 10 times the speed (photos enclosed taken 4 minutes apart due to sim change over) 
Telstra has full reception but 3.1Mbps. 
I tried to lodge a question, with the "ask a question" section, but when I logged in to see if I had a response, it had disappeared. 

So I've tested multiple devices 

iPhone 6 + Boost
iPhone 8 plus Telstra
MF910Y Telstra
Max speed is 3.1-4 Mbps

Optus tested on iPhone 8 Plus performs at 30Mbps

I'm due to start UNI next week, and if I cant get this sorted, I'm going to have to cancel my plans with Telstra and change over to Optus. 
Any ideas? 

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