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slow speed while playing games

So i bought a pre paid mobile modem usb 4g from telstra broadway today, I live in broadway too and they say its fine when u play games


for some reason when i connect it to my computer I can browse fine and everything but when im playing Dota2 or CoD MW3 it drops the fps and produce some stuttering sound. If I disconnect the 4G the fps drops and the stuttering sound dissapear but since my apartement modem is capped it's really laggy to play.


I was hoping that I can cover up and still playing games with this USB modem, anyone have any idea why? Smiley Sad

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Re: slow speed while playing games

anyone got answers yet? it will be much appreciated.

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Re: slow speed while playing games

Not sure, but I do know that some 4G devices have NAT enabled (for PrePaid and non-Bigpond services).


If everything else works fine, and the speeds and latency are great (which they should be if you are in a 4G coverage area) then there isn't much else I can suggest Smiley Sad




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Re: slow speed while playing games

Do you know the connection speed from your prepaid usb device?

As I also play Dota2, however, I'm also using a postpaid usb mobile, when I'm capped - works perfectly fine for me.

There's heaps of questions we can ask to narrow it down, but it all comes down to things like any interference, traffic congestion, prepaid usb mobile device type and so forth.

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Re: slow speed while playing games

Yes it approximately 19mbps tested using speedtest.net, I'm using this



The thing is my home wireless internet is capped and I can play dota2 without the problem happening like constant fps drops and stuttering noise (but since it's capped, it's getting slow and lagging in game) even if i plug in 3G from my Iphone, it doesnt have this kind of problem. I tried it with some f2p MMORPG as well and they got the same fps drop problem as if it's trying to reject the connection of the online game?


It doesn't make sense because it should have work well with gaming if it works perfectly well with web browsing, maybe something that Ben said about NAT ? what is that? I'm kinda new to this kind of stuff.





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