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telstra 4gx wifi pro redirecting to modem home page

Hi. I have a Telstra 4GX WIFI Pro modem which mostly works great. Just occasionally it redirects a web page to and shows a message - "Data usage information is currently unavailable." It's a random message I think.

It always does it when I click an email link to a website. At first I thought using httpS fixed it, but no.

I've trawled the security settings in the modem page, I can't find anything.

Can anyone help please ? Has anyone else had and solved this problem ?

Thanks in advance for any help / advice 🙂


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Re: telstra 4gx wifi pro redirecting to modem home page

Hi - in your Web Browser on your PC, mobile or tablet, does Clear Out Data Cache and Cookies help to alleviate the problem. To test if it is a browser issue , you could also try another browser to see it that works trouble free. 

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Re: telstra 4gx wifi pro redirecting to modem home page

Hi Mkrtich. I have tried 3 browsers, and 2 devices - PC/ Ipad. No difference. Cookies / Cache didn't help. It's web pages that I haven't been to before that generally cause the problem - either web links or email links.
If I can get the link address (some emails I can't) then if I make it https instead of http it generally solves the problem.
I think I may have 2 problems - not allowing links to non https addresses (I can solve these by getting the link address and changing from http to https) and -
not allowing links where some kind of redirection happens (I can't always solve this if I can't tell what the final web address is from the email link - one newsletter in particular causes this problem)

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