Level 4: Private Eye

Telstra 5G Home Internet

The Telstra 5G Home Inernet modems firmware is quite old - by two years since the last update - some of the dyndns options arent there anymore, or were bought out and relocated from their original websites.


Not sure why you guys dont offer sip on the device because its there in plain sight, and i am utilising a freepbx sitting behind my opnsense box relaying quite effortlessly sip.


would love to be able to opt out of cgnat but i gather this will never happen on 5G. So gigabit speeds on my opticomm **bleep**-on-a-bull outlet or a static ip here, which ever comes first for my IoTs is gonna be King.


I like Telstra but you guys dont make it easier for us nerds tbh; i dont need support at all, just options to self manage.




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