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Telstra Pre-Paid Recharge


We avoid telstra like the plague due to their business crippling non-reliability and their culture of analyzing to what extent they can rip of their customers.


However recharging a pre-paid service is painful.


I am trying to recharge a single pre-paid service that we have due to one vessel going to a Telstra only coverage area. Just to recharge this single device is a nightmare. How do I do it? I will not install the Telstra app on my phone, I will not insert a Telstra simcard into my phone. I need the pre-paid service that is in a mobile broadband device recharged with compromising my device or non-telstra services with a Telstra recharge attempt. I have connect a device to the mobile broadband deivce, rather than being directed to a recharge page there is simply no internet connectivity.

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Re: Telstra Pre-Paid Recharge

So I managed to recharge but Telstra has ripped me off. The website site offers 40GB for $150 that expires in 12 months. I followed the prompts and entered the phone number which I eventually found by logging into the routers web interface and following the recharge link. As this recharge link only offered 30GB, I continued the process on my PC which offered 40GB from the main telstra website. Once i entered the mobile number the option reduced to 30GB. It is clear Telstra do not offer the same rates to every customer. But to offer 40GB and then reduce to 30GB after starting the process is criminal. Another painful rip off experience with Telstra. I will be looking for a Telstra reseller next time around and get a starter kit with them. That way I can deal with another company that hopefully provides competent customer service whilst being forced to use a Telstra 4G service for the one particular application. Bring on SpaceX internet. We will mount a SpaceX satellite recevier once this service is available and be rid of Telstra forever.

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