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This is priceless

I have cable and a mobile broadband unit. When I am away from home obviously I would take my mobile broadband unit with me. This is the case for the last week.


Last night I received 3 emails in close succession.




As you can see in the space of 7 minutes in total.


The first email told me I've used 80% of my allowance.























Then 50%.

























And the third tells me I've exceeded my allowance.























Now let's take a look at those numbers.  I went from 7814MB to 4742MB to 9350MB.


That's interesting.  So let's look at where it's at now.









That's interesting.  The usage apparently took place on the 13th.  I got the emails on the 14th.  0MB upload against the 55GB download.  One can assume that 8GB of that was at full speed and the rest at 64Kbps.  So at that speed it would probably take about 67 days to download 47GB of data.  According to the emails and usage table, I did that much in 1 day.


So now it's blocked.  Well done Telstra.  You've outdone yourselves once again.


I suspect it's because they've finally corrected the problem with the NBN roll out in my suburb.  For a while now they've been giving me faster cable until they corrected the NBN problem.  That I believe was done on July 3rd which I suspect is why my ip address has changed, which was the same since Sept last year.  While they gave me faster cable the usage for the cable was zero in MyAccount the entire time, and still is.  I believe the 55GB should be attributed to the cable account.  I raised the issue about the zero usage in MyAccount and was told it was a known issue.  An issue that appeared to be beyond the intelligence of Telstra employees to correct.  After all, it's just a bunch of computers shuffling 1s and 0s around, right?  Years of assembly language programming tells me I know what I'm talking about.


Now, I wanted to raise this issue up via 'Need help? Let's chat' but that fails to work as well.  You see we have this nice option in modern browsers to block third party storage requests and content blocking.  Because I have those actioned the liveperson feature fails.  I cannot get this problem sorted out.


Someone will chime in no doubt and tell me I should have those turned off, just for the Telstra site.  Why would I do that?  Why would I trust the Telstra site when they can't even get the usage correct.


So well done Telstra.  You've made a mess of my account and now I'll have to go and talk to someone in a Telstra franchise store that won't have a damn clue what to do.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: This is priceless

Don't bother with the Store, they can't do anything as they don't have access to any system that could tell them what is going on.


Give the Mobile Assurance Team a call on 125111, you will have a far greater likelihood of getting to the bottom of the problem through them.


Before you do, however, check all your devices that were connected to your mobile broadband and check their data usage figures (mainly so that you are ahead of the game). You will need to cover the period of the 12th-14th to cover off the reported usage on the 13th (the days don't necessarily match up to AEST).

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Re: This is priceless

I did eventually call.


They agreed the usage was abnormal.


They simply did the top up thing.


They also agreed my zero byte usage on the cable product was odd.  It was reported here and the response was it was a known issue.  Been a known issue for some time now.


Never really had too much trouble with Telstra over the years but it sure is becoming a strain lately.

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