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We are looking at travelling around Australia in our caravan. Previously I have always used my own Telstra dongle for accessing internet etc but this has unfortunately died and after finding a Telstra shop and asking to purchase another one, they told me they were too busy to serve me and that I would have to make an appointment and come back. I have just recently had knee replacement surgery so was a little put out as this was quite an effort. As I access the cloud for some of my work also bank accounts I need something to ensure safe usage. I have been advised to use the hotspot on my phone. How safe is using my phone to access bank accounts etc while travelling? Also is it enough to download a movie to watch? If this is possible how much monthly data do I need? Any advice?

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Re: Travel Tips

Using your phone for Internet Banking and accessing cloud storage is as safe as any other method (if not safer - my internet banking requires fingerprint scanning). If using as a hotspot, there is no difference to using a dongle.


We don't know which plan you are on, or your typical usage patterns whilst travelling. You can change your plan once per calendar month, so you could start with a Medium or Large plan and change either direction if you decide that it is too much or too little.


My wife was in hospital for 6 weeks recently and I upped her to the Large plan from the medium as her usage (streaming TV shows) would have taken her to around 95Gb for the month (3-4 hours a days of streaming on her phone).

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Re: Travel Tips

Hi Aussie Traveller, we are vaning also.  I use my mobile for banking or laptop.  I purchased a Night Hawk modem last year before taking off and it has been terrific, no problems at all.  I just changed to Boost for my mobile as it is same as Telstra but with better data plans.  Happy travels

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