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Unable to detect Next G device Sierra Wireless Telstra 4g

Hi everyone,


My parents recently bought a bigpond usb 4g. It automatically downloaded the bigpond connection manager onto their toshiba laptop running windows 7 and works really well.


On their desktop computer though it did not automatically install. So mum rang a telstra rep from bathurst callcentre who spent an hour with her on the phone working things out and eventually they got it going. (Desktop runs windonws xp with service pack 3). Mum is more computer iliterate than me and has no clue what she did with this rep.


Because the desktop computer was running slowly mum took it to a computer repair shop for a service. No idea what they did (mum has since been back to ask but they have no record) but now we can't get the computer to detect the next g device. When it is plugged in (to any port) it goes through detecting usb, sierra wireless, then says cdrom drive?, then says there was a problem installing your new hardware and it may not function properly.


We have rang telstra twice who have said it must be something to do with the service. So mum took the computer back to the shop who said it is telstra issue.


Things I have tried include

* downloading the files for the bigpond connection manager and the sierra wireless one  and manually installing them. Bigpond cannot detect device and sierra says it is in installation mode.

* reinstalling the device drivers

* turning off antivirus software and firewall

* trying device in different ports


throughout all of this the device has been working perfectly on the toshiba computer.


Does anyone else have any other ideas? I have found a few similiar problems posted on the internet but none of the solutions (if they are posted) works for us.


Thanks very much for your time in reading this and hopefully responding!!


PS we did think to try and get through to bathurst call centre again on the slight chance that we might get the same man that helped mum previously (i know 1 in a million) but mum can't remember how she got through to them!

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Re: Unable to detect Next G device Sierra Wireless Telstra 4g

When the device is first plugges into a computer, the system detects it a a CDROM and then autoplays the setup file which installs the connection manager.

I would uninstall the software from the computer completely, and reboot.

Then try to reinsert the device and see if it auto installs the software.

If not, there are lots of things you could try, but not if your a computer novice (not trying to be rude).

Try that, and let's take it step by step by you reporting back.
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Re: Unable to detect Next G device Sierra Wireless Telstra 4g

Thankyou so much for your quick response and offer to help. And Im certainly not offended! I'm not a complete novice but no where near being an expert either.


I have uninstalled-reinstalled previously but thought I would do again so you know where I am at.


I removed sierra watcher and telstra mobile broadband manager from the computer. Rebooted and reinserted usb. Pop up balloon read that my device was installed and read to use. Then nothing happened. No auto install of broadband manager.


I looked on my computer and device is not listed.


I looked at device manager and under cd/dvd rom drives it has an exclamation mark throught the swi tru-install usb and says unable to load device driver.


so currently I have the device plugged in and it has one blue light for power and nothing else happening.

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