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Unexplained large data usage on mobile broadband dongle

I have a Telstra mobile wireless broadband data plan. I do not use it very often. Usually the usage for a session is somewhere between 50 cents and $1.50. This morning I was connected for a few minutes - just email and a quick check of a map on Google Earth (done it before with no problems). But this time the charge was $7.90. Then I went out. The computer was off. The wireless dongle was removed from the computer. I was charged $30.78 for 2.15Gb and I was not even connected to the internet. This is about one quater of my annual usage. How can this happen? A similar thing happened a couple of years ago with $80 in charges over a few days and no explanation could be found. I do not use a computer for gaming, movie downloads or anything like that, Just email and internet searches. Surely there is some way of finding out what causes this?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unexplained large data usage on mobile broadband dongle

If you don't use it very often, then your computer could have downloaded updates while you were doing other bits and pieces.

The usage doesn't always show up instantly.

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