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USB 4G through technicolor TG587n v3

On boxing day Telstra decided to upgrade the local hub in our area, great news, its a shame we didnt know about it........


Made the many phone calss and eventually found a guy who told me what was going on.


The solution to getting everyones xmas presents online and/or enabled was to use my phone as a hot spot or buy a 4G USB dongle.


As we have game machines, 2 desktop pc's i decided to go with the 4G usb.


Sounded easy when the guy on the phone told me it will plug into the usb port (which i have been using as a server for a couple of external hard drives) at the back of the router, went to the local telstra shop, explained to the guy behind the desk the situation, asked him of the 4G would work in the router and he said yes no problem, just plug and play........


I've plugged but not been able to play, having dealt with telstar on many occasions i have always kept my expectations very low, so i was therefore not dissappointed.


I have been able to plug and play the device into a single desktop pc and type this message, so i know the 4G usb works.


I have disconnected the phone line fro the modem

rebooted the router(many times) usb in, usb out etc

'Disconnected' PPPoEWAN

put my telstra username and P/W into the mobile broadband page, 'connect' - error message - unable to connect


Does anyone know what to do

TG587n v3


USB 4g Pre paid mobile broadband


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: USB 4G through technicolor TG587n v3

Hi NarMar,


The following troubleshooting steps should set the back up connection, but you may need to restart the modem without the device connected once configured.



Note: Compatible devices currently are the Telstra Ultimate (AirCard 312U), the Telstra USB 4G (AirCard 320U) and the BigPond USB 4G (AirCard 320U)


1. Access the modem interface by clicking on and then clicking on the Advanced tab.


2. For those with ADSL services, please disconnect by going to Broadband Connection  in the left hand menu and clicking Disconnect next to  PPPoEDSL


3. click on Mobile Broadband followed by Configure in the top right corner of the page


4. enter the configuration details below matching your device.

Telstra Next G/Telstra Pre-Paid MBB Devices


  APN: telstra.internet
  Operator Mode: Leave on Automatic
  PIN: Enter your SIM PIN (if not disabled by default), Otherwise leave the PIN field blank.
  Click 'Apply'
  Click 'Connect'

Note: copied from a post in 2013

- Shelly

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