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Went over data allowance with 11 days to go?



I have a mobile broadband device and somehow this month I've gone over the 220gb limit with 11 days to go. I checked my daily usage and I have no idea how I could be using so much data per day. I've checked the data rates for all of the things I use consistently that could be data heavy, but none of them should logically be using as much as I've used.


Does anybody have any clues for why this might have happened? Or any tips for sneaky auto update features that might not be obvious to the average millennial?



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Re: Went over data allowance with 11 days to go?

There are all sorts of reasons for data use..  firmware, Windows, app and other updates, streaming audio and video (especially HD), retransmission because of errors etc., the propensity for publishers to plug in video reports instead of text, video chat/meetings, large files by email. Unfortunately most router/modem devices do not allow detailed traffic reports, just overall traffic (and that can be lost with a modem/router reset). 


I use Network Activity Indicator from http://www.itsamples.com on each Windows device to monitor the network interfaces more accurately..  but it is a bit of a task to manage that and compare with modem traffic information.

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