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Who can help? Mobile Broadband but unknown service 3G/4G? Which tower?

Hi There,

I am a newby in this forum, please excuse me if I am behaving like that...

I live in NW Tasmania, rural setting on a farm. Surrounded by the Dial Range. We have very expensive satellite internet which is data and speed limited. I have decided to get Telstra Mobile Broadband with a Nighthawk 2. Unfortunately I am unsure which service I am receiving through my BOOST! pre-paid. My confusion is arisen from the data: the Telstra Coverage Map informs me that I only have 3G - patchy! - coverage that my needs booster antenna/device,,, but my phone is telling me that - I believe that I see on it - there is 4G is present only 1 may be 2 bars. My query is as follows: who do I need to contact to advice me about this?

Telstra (Today has gone by waiting all day to be called back - Tech Support)

Telstra Shop? (Last time when I've talked to them, they just shrugged their shoulder.)

Local antenna installer? (I don;t want to be fooled into unnecessary installation/purchase that might a failure...)

Also, I don't want to invest a $1000+  infrastructure without a reasonable positive outcome...

Please suggest something reasonable.


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Re: Who can help? Mobile Broadband but unknown service 3G/4G? Which tower?

Boost uses the Telstra network, so that is what your Prepaid is using.


All the Telstra Towers in your part of the world have been upgraded to have both 850MHz UMTS (3G) and 700MHz LTE (4GX).


If you go to and enter your address into the search bar, you will be able to see where the towers are located.


Given the terrain where you live, you should get the best directional (preferable YAGI) antenna that your budget allows. I would definitely be speaking to a communications consultant who has local knowledge. You've got a few choices in Ulverstone, Burnie and Devonport. Although getting in contact with a larger firm in Launceston may not be a bad idea, just to make sure you get enough advice to make a decision.

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