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WiFi 4G Advanced II (Netgear AirCard 790S) Firmware Updates box greyed out

As above, the box to select to start downloading a firmware update is greyed out, both on the device and in the web portal. Suggestions?

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Re: WiFi 4G Advanced II (Netgear AirCard 790S) Firmware Updates box greyed out

Hi fozbear,

Could be a few things here but without more info I'm only spitballing:


1) Could be no firmware to download, hence no reason to light up the button.  What version are you running?

2) Could be unable to contact the download server, usually you can download a file which will do the firmware on your pc and not involve the internet connection past the initial download.  Check the Netgear and Telstra sites for a new firmware file.

3) Many modems won't allow a Wi-Fi firmware update, make sure you are connecting to the PC via a cable in order to begin the firmware. I've only ever had one firmware update fail but one bricked modem is all you ever need!

4) Restart your modem, some modems are a pain to update at the best of times, let alone after running for a few days/weeks/months without restarting, we all need a rest!


If you can provide us with more info and the outcome of these above ideas we can hopefully help further!


Hope this helps!

Please note that I am an Telstra employee posting in my own time and on my own volition, my opinions and advice are my own and do not constitute the views, values or policies of Telstra.

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Re: WiFi 4G Advanced II (Netgear AirCard 790S) Firmware Updates box greyed out

Hi mate, thaks for your reply. 


It is currently running firmware version NTG9X35C_01.03.28.05


I haven't been able to find a firmware download on either Telstra's nor Netgear's website to even consider loading via USB connection to a PC, in which case i cannot find instructions on how to do anyway. 


Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Support Team
Support Team

Re: WiFi 4G Advanced II (Netgear AirCard 790S) Firmware Updates box greyed out

Hi Fozbear, 

Below is a link to where you can find the full user manual for this device. If you go to page 71, you will see the on screen instructions on how to update the device step by step: https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/support/pdf/broadband/4g-advanced-ac790s-guide....

If you are still unable to get this updated follwing the user guide, please contact support via Live Chat here http://tel.st/gq6m or call on 133933 so that we can further assist you with getting this update installed.


Regards - 


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