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WiFi 4GX Advanced III and Aircard Charging Cradle

I have a 4GX mobile broadband device and a Netgear AirCard Smart Cradle to strengthen the signal as I am located in an 'edge' zone.  When the 4GX is attached to the Cradle, i can connect all tablets and phones to the internet through the cradle, my desktop computer however, can connect to the cradle but it won't connect to the internet.  When I run the network diagnostics, it says that there is a problem with the broadband modem to turn off modem then start again but doing that makes no difference - still can't connect.  If I use the 4GX off the cradle and connect directly to that from the computer, the internet works fine.


I have called Telstra and they weren't able to help me and sugested I call Netgear direct - also not able to help without me paying $ for 6 months support.  The Netgear Genie shows that the internet connection is good - even without being able to connect to it.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: WiFi 4GX Advanced III and Aircard Charging Cradle

I have same Netgear equipment with cradle and experienced same issue.
Following solved problem.
Turn cradle off
Turn Netgear 4GX off
With Netgear 4GX in cradle turn cradle only on.
Cradle will start 4GX automatically.
4GX will auto start
WAIT several more minutes and 4GX will switch automatically to working via cradle.
Trust me -it works on my gear and usually all OK after this.
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Re: WiFi 4GX Advanced III and Aircard Charging Cradle

Unfortunately that fix didn't work Clovelly.  It appears that the cradle isn't picking up any reception as the symbol in the top left of the 4GX is not any reception bars, 3G, 4G or H, its a O with a / through it.  But when I just attach another small external aerial to it, I get either 3G with 4 bars or 4G with 4 bars.  I'm at a loss so am just using the 4GX with the little aerial and forgetting about the cradle.

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