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Wifi connection

My business is in an area with terrible internet connection and no plans for NBN in the near future.

Our max download speed is 2gb, but we get up to 25gb on the 4G WI-FI network.

Can i use the Telstra 4GX WI-FI pro instead of my ADSL internet to run my business?

I need it to run my MYOB server, multiple desktop computers, and landlines.

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Re: Wifi connection

You could, but it will be expensive (and won't run your landlines unless they are a VOIP service).


You should give Business Sales a call on 132000 or chat via Livechat to work through your options to find the most cost effective solution.


It could also be worth your time to visit your nearest Telstra Business Centre, as it may be easier to work through the options face to face.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Wifi connection

Hi Jupiter,

I'm currently trying to get tech advice from multiple sources as there appears to be no viable solution to increasing our internet speed.
The only suggestion i've had is using portable wifi in place of our ADSL but neither Telstra or Netgear (Our modem-router) can confirm if the connection from the wifi dongle to the router is possible?
I realise portable wifi is more expensive but on the basis of our provider not being able to provide an efficient internet speed, i am hoping they will give us a subsidy on the portable wifi.

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