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wifi extender and Telstra 4G Wifi (pre-paid)

I am trying to connect a wifi extender Edimax N300 router in wifi extender mode or wifi bridge mode to the wifi provided by a Telstra pre paid 4gx wi fi plus hotspot modem mf985t but the N300 does not get a IP address and there is no internet on the ethernet ports. It all works ok in both modes when I use a Telstra smart modem Gen 2 router to test the N500. My question is there a setting in the Telstra pre paid 4gx wi fi plus hotspot that will resolve this issue. This is to enable access to a network printer at a small computer club that currently only has the Telstra prepaid for its internet. 


many thanks in advance of answer

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: wifi extender and Telstra 4G Wifi (pre-paid)

Have you disabled the Internet WiFi switch and set the preferred Network to WWAN in the 4GX hotspot? (Settings > Internet WiFi, page 22 of manual)

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