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Wireless Broadband Frenchs Forest NSW

We have been using Wireless Broadband in office for several years now. In the last 6 months the connection has been frankly terrible. Connections drop out randomly any time of the day. The connection stops and then starts again. We have tried new NightHawke modems and they were hopeless too. Is there a link to the roadworks associated with the Northern Beaches Hospital

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Re: Wireless Broadband Frenchs Forest NSW

Good afternoon
What level of signal are you receiving?
Have you relocated your modem to a stronger signal area?
Is the new construction interrupting the line of sight between your office and the Telstra base station?
Have you compared using a mobile phone as a hot spot?
Thank you
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Re: Wireless Broadband Frenchs Forest NSW

Hi the signal strength is usually good. That is what is so confusing.

Yes We have moved the modem around and it seems ok for a short. period, then it loses connection again.

Line of sight is ok.

Mobile phone connection are ok.

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