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Yagi 02 antenna, and where is the tower to point it to?

I am in a rural area and I'm advised to use an antenna, but so far that is proving hugely frustrating and I'm hoping someone can help.  I have a Yagi 02 antenna. The page here - http://www.powertec.com.au/antennas/mobile-antennas/outdoor-antennas/yagi-antenna-800-900.html - says it should work with 3g, (and I understand from Telstra that only 3G is available in my area and my 4G dongle will just be looking for 3g signal, and I understand (tell me if I'm wrong) that 3g is 850 MHz), so it should work shouldn't it? But the brochure says "A lightweight 14 element antenna for GSM900 and CDMA800. The Yagi-02 will provide a massive 18dBi gain with an extremely narrow bandwidth, effective in reducing interferance."  Hmm. Not 3G.  Then, my next problem is, is there any way to find out where the Telstra tower is so I can at least get a hint about which side of the house to put it on and where to point it - standing on the roof and yelling to each other hasn't worked at all! 


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Re: Yagi 02 antenna, and where is the tower to point it to?

Hi Linda,

The antenna you've purchased should be fine, it states on their site:


Provides a 18db gain for 800/850/900 & 1800/1900 MHz

Networks: GSM, CDMA and 3G (NextG TM 850Mhz)


You're correct in thinking the NextG network runs on the 850Mhz frequency.  So you should be fine with this antenna assuming the connectors match with the device.


You've not told us where you live so it's going to be extremely difficult for us to say where a tower might be without any point of reference but a quick google search for mobile phone towers should give a few links with maps that will hopefully help Smiley Happy

Please note that I am an Telstra employee posting in my own time and on my own volition, my opinions and advice are my own and do not constitute the views, values or policies of Telstra.

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Re: Yagi 02 antenna, and where is the tower to point it to?

Wow BMac, that's generous of you!  I live at (address removed for your privacy).  Looking at the coverage map, the blue area with the best reception seems to be to the north west, but town (where I'd expect the tower to be) is to the east.  

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Re: Yagi 02 antenna, and where is the tower to point it to?

This will tell you where the nearest towers are in relation to you. Enter carriers name, Active only and your postcode. Once you get the list you can select the map feature and wallah. If you want to know more details, go back to the list and select the towers ID number, you'll see carriers, frequencies etc etc.





Good luck ;-)



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