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zte mf60 charging issue




I am unable to charge my new wifi modem. (10 days old)


I have tested the charge cable on another device and it is working,


I have tried technical support. (phone call  # INT1-115900213124) to no avail.


I am in a remote area and unable to visit a telstra store.


Having looked around online it seems this is a common problem, I have found replacement batteries for as low as $13.00. will it be easier to simply wear the cost and buy a new battery? Is this even the known problem? or should I push on with Telstra support?


I have been told (by Tech. support) that they will send me a form by Tues. 22/1/13 via email, I am to fill out the form and send off the product, at which point it will be sent to a test centre where they will decide whether to repair or replace it, if they decide to repair it they will then send it to another site for repair, then they will (hopefully) send me a fully operational device.


This sounds like I could be waiting quite a while for closure, all the while my 30 days of access will be going by.


Is there any other option open to me?

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Re: zte mf60 charging issue

Hi seejayf, welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


I have not heard of similar issues myself but if you want to try replacing that is certainly an option for you but would be at your own cost.


If you do not live near a Telstra store then I feel that the repair process that has been outlined is your best bet. The device will be sent to our National Repair Centre, where they can assess and then either repair or replace the device for you. This process usually takes a few days excluding postage so, depending on where you live, it could be 1-2 weeks to get all sorted.


I understand that this is a pre-paid service so in the meantime I suggest that you contact our pre-paid chat team here and they can extend the time you have to use your credit.

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