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15g Mobile Broadband

Just a simple question ..... I live on a farm 15km from the centre of town , I have had this 15g Mobile Broadband plan for nearly a year now and just cant understand why Telstra won't do a bigger amount of gig's for their customers ?

 I pay $99.95 every month to have 2 weeks of internet usage only ! 500mb per/day isnt enough to get 15min of youtube streaming , 1-2 hours of facebook , email's and their contents (small files) , 1/2 an hour skype , update my anti-virus and various programs I have paid hundreds of dollars for ! Cant update windows either , files are too large .

 My son is starting to need it more because of his school projects and researching but we never have enough gig's available when we need it , I use it for my work also but not as worried as him.

 We will be looking into any other service provider that offers us a fair deal and a larger amount of data than Telstra . I will start to look into it after New Years when my contract expire's .

I hope some people feel the same way as we do so Telstra do something about it ?


 Greg & Tom

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: 15g Mobile Broadband

Hi Greg and Tom, we do make changes to our range of plans and prices for mobile broadband services and increase allowances along with our network capacity to handle the increased traffic. (For example, the last plan change increased the allowance of our previous 12 GB plan to the current 15 GB). We also offer a 25 GB plan for mobile broadband which our teams on 1800 220 033 can provide more information about. 

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