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$69 plan renewal

Hello All,


Last year I purchased the $69 Plan but given the promotions, at that time I ve paid only $49 per month with 60 GB data and unlimited international calls to some countries.


Now its time to renew the contract and I would like to clarify the following.


1. Would it be possible to renew the contract as it is or will the monthly payments be changed to $69 ?


2. What I also noticed is that recently Telstra has removed some countries from the unlimited international calls so if I renew would I not be able to make unlimited calls to those countries?




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Re: $69 plan renewal

Hey Dhan, sounds like a great offer you got. Usually recurring credits every month come as part of a promotion and would expire at the end of the contract term. Which means, once you’re out of contract it’s likely the credits will go. at the same time, you’ll become month-to-month and won’t have to pay to cancel the plan in the future... to be honest, it’s such a good rate you’re on. 
when it comes to the calls, I believe the inclusion you have comes with the plan, which remains after the contract ends, unless it’s also given as a contract offer as add on, not sure about that. If they update their destination lists, then logically you get that updated too, but they have a list of rates for all countries. consider using some internet apps for calling overseas, they’re cheaper and depends on your connection, the quality could be real good. 

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Re: $69 plan renewal

Hi Techlover,


Thanks for your response.


Yes I know, this is a great plan and I should have signed for 24 months, not 12 but at the time I was not much aware of these contracts and was hoping that this rate and plan will continue as long as I keep the plan active.


Unfortunately using VOIP based apps  such as WhatsApp or Viber is not viable because the other parties  I need to call are elderly relatives and they are not tech-savvy and don't know how to use these apps correctly, some of them even don't use smartphones so I need to have a plan with some international credit so I can keep in touch with them and check with them regularly, 


I guess I will wait until the contract expires and depending on the outcome, discuss with Telstra support to see what they can offer, and if worse come to worse I guess I will have to go with another provider\carrier.


Thanks again for your assistance and have a good weekend!



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