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Absolutely unable to purchase a SIM only plan despite 8hours of online chat and 30 pages of chat.

Can anyone help me out with this. About ten days ago I ordered a SIM only Telstra plan, and asked to port my current (Boost) number; three hours later this I received an email saying it was "cancelled".
A long chat with an agent resulted in them placing another order for me; thi swas also "cancelled".
A further chat got as far as Telstra posting a SIM to me, but it was (really badly) missaddressed and StarTrack were unable to deliver.
A visit to the Telstra shop where they said they couldn't help, but gave me a "blank SIM" to replace the one lost in transit.
Another chat where I was told there is no such thing as a blank SIM and the agent (it transpired) ordered me a replacement Boost SIM (which arrived).
Another 5hr chat were an agent said that they would place a further order for me. I received no email confirmation of this order after 48hrs.
A Twitter conversation which forwarded me to online chat after several hours.
Online chat which told me the order number I'd been provided had been replaced with a completely different one.
A further five hour chat in which the agent said my issue was being dealt with by the "bacl of house team", but then queried if I had ordered a SIM when I asked when I should expect delivery.
The current agent has just told me (after 4 hours) that they will need to look into it further - and this will take them 1-2 hours.

This is all just incredible. All I want is a SIM only plan and for my number to be ported to that plan.
Surely this is Telstra's core business?

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