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Account Locked by Credit Operations/Control Group



All I want to do is simply buy the new iPhone 13 pro. I thought its as simple as going on Telstra online, to buy the phone, select the plan, and pre- order the phone. Instead, what Telstra did is lock my account. The logic behind that, I can get, which is to prevent fraud. 


Anyways, I contact Telstra, who then tell me I need to verify my account, and that I need to email credit operations to unlock it, which I do, but I am missing a lease agreement document. Instead, to avoid waiting a week to get this document via my real estate agent, I decide to go into store and buy the phone in-person and verify my identity there. Instead, turns out they can't even order it as CREDIT OPERATIONS/CONTROL GROUP HAVE LOCKED MY ACCOUNT. I emailed them all the documents required including my drivers license, passport, student ID, lease agreement, utility bill, and I have not heard back for a week at this point. 


Why do you have to make a customers life so damn hard to buy your product ? I honestly considered moving to Optus or Vodafone because I knew that they could verify it faster than Telstra. I have provided every piece of document to Telstra at this point they can track me and my family tree back 3 generations, and yet my account is still locked. Here is the reference number for credit operations/control group for my case. Can someone please do something. Thanks.


Case: KMM51779167V98469L0KM


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Account Locked by Credit Operations/Control Group

Hi there, we'd like to be able to help you out here and provide some support or some update on what is happening with this. If you could please privately message us via the social pages, contact us on 132200 or alternatively via the messaging app here we'll be able to have a look at your account in a bit more detail to see what is going on. 

- Ash

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