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Add on and bill issues

I have an add on linked to my plan that I did not sign up for when I upgraded my plan a few months ago. It is called telstra one number, for connecting to smart watches, wireless earphones, etc. I do not own anything like that and only received the new phone in the mail and that is all. So I'm paying for an add on that I can't use.

I upgraded my plan and phone about 4 months ago online, I couldn't go into a store due to covid-19. When I upgraded my plan I agreed to about $140 a month for a samsung s20 with 60gb and the stay connected advanced add on. Although my bill has been higher than that and is getting higher every month im not sure why. My last plan was $114 a month for an iPhone XR with 50gb and heaps of accessories. Now I am having to pay $160 a month for my new phone with no accessories 60gb and an add on that I can't use.

I talked to a telstra consultant on the phone who could not figure out what the problem was or how to fix it. They told me to come on here and ask for help. Please help.

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