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Adding A Data Pack to Sim Card In Wireless Broadband Router

I needed to add more data to my Casual Plan sim card, which I have in a router connected to wireless broadband (we're way out in the woop-woops). From within my mobile account, I chose a dropdown menu to add a data pack, which sent me on a multi-page, extremely frustrating run of adding my address multiple times for shipping a product that doesn't need to be shipped, and requesting my drivers license number and medicare number and God knows what all. After 20 minutes, I finally completed the purchase (again, directed from within my own account). But the additional pack never appeared. So, after the usual interminable hold on the phone, a Telstra rep told me that a) I can't add a data pack on to an existing one (I figured adding a 3gb data pack to my existing 3 gb data pack would make 6 gb. Wrong!). So she sold me an 8 gb data pack on the phone. This successfully went to my account, however the remaining 560 mb of unused data on my original 3 gb plan disappeared. I was called the following day by Telstra to tell me that my 20 minutes online to purchase the second 3 gb data pack was invalid, and cancelled my order.


You'd think it would be easier with one of the premier tech companies in Australia to increase your monthly data pack from within your account, no?

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Re: Adding A Data Pack to Sim Card In Wireless Broadband Router

Suprise, surprise removing a data pack is even more painful.

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