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Have been on same plan for up to 15 yrs with a N97 nokia and that handset nokia and telstra stopped supporting years ago but no mention of the plan and I have always wondered why ? and when might i get one of those offers everyone else gets to update to a better deal... or should i pay for what can't be used ?

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Need to know

I still use a  nokia N97 mini and it's still on contract with telstra. So over the last couple of years I have received messages from telstra telling me apps are stopping along with net coverage and I got pushed a while ago to get another data pack on top of a contract of 14 yrs-ish that has data in it. so I ask,  If I am to get billed for a contract/network/service that they know I am unable to use shouldn't I have at least been offered a better plan/handset by now or have i got it wrong ???

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Re: ancient

Hi @demonic1 


I've never heard of a Telstra plan lasting that long before having to move off it.


Telstra is meant to be removing old plans and moving everyone over to current plan offerings.


But it is always recommended that you yourself always move to a better value plan as time moves on.

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Need to know

Pretty impressive to still have a fully functioning 12 year old mobile. It is up to the customer to choose which plan and handset they are using. It is only recently that Telstra has started forcing people off of grandfathered plans onto the current range. As far as offering you a new handset, that went out the window about a decade ago.


You will have to upgrade your handset by mid-2024 as the 3G network is being shut down then and your venerable N97 will no longer work.

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