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Asking more money for recontracting

Hi there,
Our contract just ended, we had 1 iphone plan for my wife $150, shared data $5 byo plan for me and NBN unlimited data with speed boost for $80.
Now when I try to recontract and I’m being told that I’ll have to pay $20 more for the same exact deal because they don’t do shared data anymore.
I don’t get Telstra policy, this is you repay loyal customers? By forcing them to pay more? So disappointed!

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Re: Asking more money for recontracting

Hi TB82,


If you're happy with the original deal you have,  as far as I know you don't have to re-contract just because the contract date is up.If your wife's $150 contract included a monthly handset payment that charge would drop off the bill and you'd just be paying for the actual plan part of the charge. Then you'd be able to keep your shared data BYO plan and $80 NBN plan.


Ring 132200, say "Disconnections", you'll be put through to the Saves team who'll be able to discuss this option or give you a discount.

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