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Beware when resigning if you are on a Freedom Connect 129 plan

Hi All,


Be warned if you are a Freedom Connect 129 customer who uses the international call and SMS allowance included in the plan not to "upgrade" to the Everyday Connect 130 plan without doing your sums first.


The Everyday Connect 130 plan does not provide the same value for money and has no included international call or SMS allowance.  If you need a new phone and regularly use the $50 included allowance, it might be cheaper to stay on the Freedom Connect 129 plan and purchase your new phone outright or to switch carriers (better deals on offer elsewhere).


Sadly, I made the mistake of assuming that the current top plan, Everyday Connect 130, provides the same value for money as the top plan I was on, the Freedom Connect 129.  I now have to pay extra for international connect packs to avoid the exorbitant call rates.  Several conversations later it is clear that Telstra has no  intention of changing this or accommodating me in any way. 


I just wanted to warn any other customers not to make the same mistake I made. 




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