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I am having an issue. Long story short, been in a long and tiring argument with telstra about my phone plan. Got my services disconnected one day, called up to find out why as i was under the impression i was direct debiting. They advised me that they had been trying to direct debit but every time they did, i refunding it and implying i was stealing my money back and asked me to pay over $1000 then and there. i told them that this couldnt be the case as i have never done a thing like that and that i wouldnt pay until i investigated. They told me to contact my bank which is westpac. I gave my bank a call and told them the situation, they advised me that they could not see any refunds or forced refunds on my account. Then it hit me that i changed my direct debiting details at around the time my payments stopped happening due to loosing my wallet which had my credit card linked originally to my direct debit before i updated my account after to withdraw from my direct debits from my bank account which i did by telstras website.


i called up again and advised the next consultant of my issue. they told me they couldnt see anything on my account stating what i was just told and he told me i could get my services back once he applied for a reactivation. i was like going on at telstra to myself. tell me one thing and then tell me another.

no problem, services never came back the next day.


Called the next consultant who after 30-45 mins explaining the issue and telling them that i think that they have been direct debiting from the wrong information and if they could confirm this then we can sort this out. i was willing to pay as it was becoming tedious and i just wanted my phone back and working. they couldnt provide me or allow me to provide to them to confirm the direct debiting details because of privacy laws and its not like i can use their website to confirm because once you have put the details in it blocks it up for privacy as well and it only provides you an option to update the details but you cannot see what you have already entered in. so this was getting beyond a joke because how can i trust them that they didnt stuff up as the consultants couldnt even comprehend what i was implying that their system stuffed up and has been direct debiting from a cancelled credit card instead of my bank account details i know are correct and submitted through their website.


so after another 10 phone calls and 50% saying they couldn't even see the issue on my account and the other 50% saying they can and that the credit team is currently working out what i owe which baffled me as the first consultant gave me a direct sum and the rest couldn't even tell me a value.


I even got so frustrated i tried their chat portal which ended up getting me into a 3 way phone call with another consultant who couldnt see the issue.


finally i make a complaint to the ombudsmen who then gets me a "international case manager" who i yet again waste 2-3 hours of my explaining all the issues and how this has unfolded, all on my time i have to take away from work to resolve. the lady admits to me on the phone litterally admits to me that they have been direct debiting off the incorrect information and that they have the correct information but says she cant do anything because its been past 30 days since i was disconnected and i cannot get my old phone number back and that if i didnt want to pay the bill i would have to send the phone back and then my account will be credited and i can re-sign up.....


What a joke that was, i send my phone back, get told via email that everything is all good. go into a telstra store and try to sign up.... nope, get told my account has been closed, my mobile number i have had for over a decade is now lost to someone else and that i cannot sign up to a plan that i have paid on time and always for the last 10 years.


Then i show them my email, they tell me they have to apply for a restriction lift. no problem, wasted my time again going into a store on my time to get sent back.

got told i would hear from them.

I have not had an email or phone call from them advising my account status, what the go is. its beyond a joke first your system has a fault, i get treated like an idiot because your staff cant comprehend something like that happening, get told i was right, but still they couldnt fix the issue because the whole resolving of the issue has taken too long and now i cannot even sign up when i have had no payment issues with them before.


Please can anyone else tell me they have had a similar situation and what can i do because i am over talking to the front line soilders that are robots and cannot help until i have to make official complaints. i cannot even call after work to the telstra number because of covid timelimits and waits and limited staff as well as the chat support is a robot due to the same reason.




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