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Bonus deals for existing customers

There are too many bonus deals for new customers to change to telstra and not enough for existing customers.
For example at the moment on a BYO plan of $50/month you get an extra 4.5gb bonus data a month but its only for new customers. The last deal was the same but a bonus 2.5gb only for new customers.
It would be great if there where more of these deals for existing customers to change to when contracts end.
Mine is almost up and i use alot of data so these deals would be great but i cant get access to them unless i lose my number and start again.

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Re: Bonus deals for existing customers


I agree with you that customer retention is not what it should be,

You do not have to lose your number if you "churn" to a different providor.


If you are contemplating leaving Telstra, it would be very wise indeed to talk to Saves Team by ring Telstra on 132200 in Business Hours ONLY,  and say "Disconnection" on the IVR phone system.

That will take you to a team in Adelaide who have lots of flexibility to "save" customers like you.



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Re: Bonus deals for existing customers

I ported away because of not having access to those deals and a forced upgraded. Currently with Optus $50 9GB and a share Sim (cost $5 once off charge for setup, unlike Telstra that's has it monthly) So while the service is as good I might be staying. Oh I wouldn't consider a rapid port cycle to get the better plans as it would no doubt loose all the bonuses, would need to stick it out for at least a couple/few billing cycles.

No fanboy stuff just basic economics. Still run the iPad with a Telstra sim (as I like Mobile Foxtel) and there's 9.5GB on the sim.


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Re: Bonus deals for existing customers


Totally agree.  Telstra do not support or reward their long term loyal customers.  


We have been exclusive Telstra customers for years and have 4 high user mobile plans, mobile Internet dongle for travel,  plus home bundle with Internet 100G.  


Internet connection speeds are at best 8 Mb/s, average 4Mb/s.  Numerous calls to Telstra, hours spent resetting, rebooting, moving modems etc have not helped.  One call centre lady was appalled at the speed readings she was getting one night and actually admitted it was a Telstra line fault.  She put in a request for a Telstra tech to fix the line, but this never happened.  I got a call to say it was the Wi-Fi signal from the modem?  I was running Ethernet cable at the time.  Still having woeful connections, still paying full price.


For the sake of 12 days, Telstra would not upgrade one mobile from Mobile Accelerate plan to the newer Go Mobile plan $95/month.  Anyone who has researched these plans can see the big difference in what is included each month.  


Two mobiles are out of contract at the end of this month and will be going to Optus or another phone provider.  Home bundle is not on contract and I am currently looking at other companies for this as well.  Anyone have any other provider recommendations?


So unhappy with paying full price for half a service.  Telstra have no concern for the lack of service they provide.  Time to give up and move to another company.

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