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Buy out lease phone and transfer owner

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My mother has had the $99 lease plan. This plan ended in March 2021 but she’s continued with it. Recently the full balance of the account was paid and the phone bought out. This means she now owns the handset. Question, can the phone number be transferred  to a new account owner? For example, my name under my own Telstra ID without my mother completing a transfer of ownership?  Telstra customer service said they could and went through the process of establishing an ID and advised the transfer of the phone number would be done in 3 days.  The person who arranged the transfer is a family member who does not own or have authority to act on the account. Can they do this? A Telstra customer rep (based in QLD) did so today advising the phone number would be transferred to a different name and will be done in 3 days.  Is this correct? 

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Re: Buy out lease phone and transfer owner

The Change Of Ownership form has been the standard method for some time, so either due process has not been followed or the process has changed.


If you feel that the transfer that you mentioned is unauthorised then please contact Telstra Support.

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