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Call forwarding when overseas

I am going overseas to the US and have some questions regarding whether I can use call forwarding:

  • I have m current iphone 4. And It is unlocked. (Unfortunately  I do not have a spare that I can use)
  • I plan to use a US sim card ....say AT&T

I have read some of the previous posts including the one that explains how to do it. For example: 

Turn on Call Forward  all calls

  1. Enter: **21*(phone number to forward calls to, including area code) *10#
  2. Then press the call/send



  • Presumably this will work if i am overseas, correct?
  • If I am forwarding a local call to a local landline presumably the sequence would be: **21*03xxxxxxxx*10#, correct?
  • If I am forwarding a local call to a mobile then do I leave the 03 out like one would dial normally?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Call forwarding when overseas

Heya tomstkilda,

That is correct, it does work overseas, you just have to ensure country codes are included if diverting to an international number, ie. 0011 + xx + xxx xxx xxx

And also correct for forwarding to another landline. Smiley Happy

If forwarding from landline to mobile, presumably the mobile number you are using in the US, you will need to include the international code, country code and number as displayed above.

Hope this helps.

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