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Can I add a sim for my kids phone to my contract which is over 24 months

I have a contract with Telstra which is now past it’s 24 months and still in use. I have an old phone that my child uses but does not have a sim. I want to give her a number to phone and SMS when away from wi-fi. Mainly just with us parents.


eSim is not compatible. I looked at pre-paid. I can’t seem to find a conclusive yes to a cost effective solution to getting my child’s phone on the network. She doesn’t need (or I want) all the features; nor do I want to pay for a 24month contract.


Is there no solution to what must be a very common requirement of families. Introducing your children to the mobile network safely and affordably.


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Re: Can I add a sim for my kids phone to my contract which is over 24 months

Good evening

You can't add to the plan as it's expired (or even during the active period), but you can add another service to your account.  Below is a link to Sim only plans


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Re: Can I add a sim for my kids phone to my contract which is over 24 months

Hey ProfessorPhone,

Thanks for your response, I do appreciate it and any terseness here isn't personal. But the cheapest solution at the end of that link is not family friendly. I'm not going to buy my child and subsequent children a $55 a month full featured 24 month contracted sim.


My contract is finished but my account is still in use and Telstra are still being paid, by me, for the same service. I fail to see why I can't add stuff to it. Unless Telstra prefer to favour the risk of loosing me business trying to lock me in another 24 months just for a sim/number and data access which I'm happy to pay for. But in this case I don't care to give my kid data or much of it; if I did I'd rather be able to allocate shares of my existing data. I just want them to be able to sms or ring me or my partner when away from home and wi-fi. 


I understand Telstra is a business but "profit at all costs" isn't healthy, for the business or the customers.


I'm likely to go with a Pre-Paid, but really thought there might have already been a solution to what is, to me, an obvious need in the world and Telstra being a "leader in phone industry" I would think they would have spear headed such a thing.


They should be providing an easy solution such as adding a low feature sim to add to account for families to use. A sim that is feature controlled and has a data sharing feature. It would have been a no brain click for me. But i've had to think about this way too hard while looking for information and solutions. That makes me look at other options, including at competition solutions. If I have to go pre-paid there is little reason for me to care where I get that from.


Again I really do appreciate your assistance. If you have any other ideas I'm happy to look at them. Cheers

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