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Can I buy out my leased phone?

Here's the message I got from Telstra:


Hi, there are lease phones on your account that need to be returned once the lease contract has ended to avoid a non-return fee (per phone). Get each lease phone return-ready and in good working order and come into a Telstra store to find out next steps.


If a lease phone is damaged, fees may apply; our team will assess it when you bring it into store and provide you with further advice.


I really would like to keep my phone - I have a Huawei P30.

What would the "non-return fee" be?


To make things simpler, any lease phones that are out of contract can be returned at the same time.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can I buy out my leased phone?

The Fair Market Value that is used when wanting to buy out a leased handset is around the 28-30% of the original price of the phone. You would need to contact Telstra and ask them for the exact figure.

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Re: Can I buy out my leased phone?


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