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Can't change my main mobile service to an upfront plan because Telstra hasn't updated my account????

WTF? I am now getting two direct debits a month plus a bill because for some reason Telstra has allowed me to change a second mobile phone and a mobile data plan to upfront but not my main mobile service and I will have to wait until Telstra decides it's ready to update that service or account so that it can be switched to an upfront plan????? Of course, nobody within Telstra can force this update or give a timeframe for when it may happen.


If the CEO is going to have a brain fart and try to force good, longstanding customers to essentially prepay monthly, then at least have the resources in place to make the change quickly and don't drag it out over a few years.


As of checking today, Telstra's market valuation is $48.5 billion dollars and yet they still run this enterprise like some shonky phone operator in a developing nation.


Telstra = extremely low customer service values.

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