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Can't change to Mobile Plan Extra Small.

I want to do this: "I really don’t need 40GB, do you have a plan with a lower data inclusion?  Yes – if you require less data, we have the Mobile Plan Extra Small which is $40 per month with 2GB data. If this plan is suitable, you can easily update here - click here." But when I "click here", there is no sign of the Mobile Plan Extra Small. This is very annoying, and would appear to be misleading and deceptive conduct.

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Can't change to Mobile Plan Extra Small.

Yep - I am currently paying $39 per month for 30GB so your suggestion to reduce to 2GB and pay $40 per month rather than pay more for extra 10GB I do not need shows that Telstra do not give  a toss about small users of data.

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