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Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone else is having serious issued with Telstra and the lack of communications / complete stuff ups! I ordered the new Iphone 12 and realised it was only the pro (not the max) so I called them to cancel it the following day. They advised they don't see the order for for up to 48 hours after it has been placed online. Over the next couple of days while I waited, I received numerous messages / emails from "TELSTRA" saying there was an issue with my order and that it had been cancelled. Beauty - I thought that's perfect. The next day I get an email saying my order had been dispatched. Smiley Sad So again onto the stupid chat I go to cancel the order AGAIN - after I received all these phones calls which was supposedly NOT TELSTRA. They say nothing can be done, just don't accept the phone when it arrives. 4 days later - no phone arrives. So I then received another email saying there was a delay and it will be shipped as soon as possible. Back onto the stupid chat I go to cancel it. They submit a cancellation request. 3 days later - I receive yet another email saying its been dispatched. My plan has changed and data reduced. My apple watch number has been cancelled and I'm not a happy camper. Phone arrived on Friday - I tell the startrak bloke that I'm not accepting it. He was shocked I didnt accept it. I said to send it back. What the hell is going on with Telstra. Ive lost all faith in this company. I've been a loyal customer for 24 years with my bill over $550 per month. Its just ridiculous. Bad idea sending me an email asking for feedback because you will be getting exactly what I think!

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