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Cannot purchase iphone 12 or plan online


Just wondering why the online store allows you to purchase plans and mobiles if they can't actually be processed online? Bit of a waste of my time to have me fill out all the forms, recieve a confirmation email and then be emailed again an hour later stating that I have to go into store and repeat the entire process and show ID...I am trying to avoid going into stores at the moment. Hence the online purchase.
Could it be processed online if I was to purchase the phone outright (as opposed to on a plan)? Or is the identification problem in relation to signing up to a data plan?
Thank you

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Re: Cannot purchase iphone 12 or plan online

probably an identification problem..  Is this your first purchase with Telstra? or are you not an Australian citizen? Have a look here to see what ID you need  https://www.telstra.com.au/support/account-payment/id-check-for-new-account   then take all your ID into a store to get it verified. Make sure you have a utility bill with the current address you are using for the Telstra order.

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Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!

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