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Change MRO to upfront?

When I upgraded my mobile to a Samsung S4, I registered with Telstra through JB-Hi Fi, upgrading my existing plan.


Before, when I bought my iphone from the Telstra shop, I had the option to pay for the phone upfront rather than paying for it over 24 months while keeping the monthly plan.


I tried to do the same with the new phone but I just discovered I still could pay for the phone up front. I asked JB HIFI they said no, can't do that.


So Isee on my bill that the phone repayment is $10 a month. Possible to change that so I pay it all off now. This can help keep the bill cost down.


Also what happens if I change my landline to the lower basic plan? Will that affect my bigpond or mobile plans? I have no use for the landline other than needing it for adsl. As I am hearing impaired, I rely on the internet for phone calls.

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Re: Change MRO to upfront?

When you sign up a phone on a plan with an MRO you will often receive an MRO bonus, which is a monthly reduction in the handset repayments. While it is possible to cancel the MRO you will lose this bonus and have to pay out the full amount of any charges left on the handset.


This is not as simple as just changing MRO to upfront, however, as it will actually be a cancellation of the contract for the service and may require a recontract. Also, you could be charged a $50 admin fee for changing your contract before the end date.


Depending on your phone plan you may be able to change down, however if it is bundled with the home phone you will not be able to change one without also changing the other.


Given how many questions you have that can only be answered by looking at the specifics of your account I would suggest speaking to billing either on 13 22 00 or via chat (there is a link in my signature).

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