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Changing to upfront plans only when you upgrade

I recently went into a Telstra store To upgrade my phone, they had so much trouble and blamed the new system. In the end they disconnected my number and reconnected it, and had to put me out on my own instead of in my household group. I wasn’t happy but they said it was a glitch. 
fast forward just over a month and I message through my gold services app to make them put me back into my household group with hubby, home internet, Telstra tv etc where I have all our emails and we are on Telstra plus together for rewards and everything is in one nice little package, as I can not find any details of my new plan,or see usage or anything,. Imagine my surprise when they said no you can’t be attached to the household one anymore because we moved you to an upfront plan. So I said change me back no one asked me to change to that, imagine my surprise when they said no, he said make a new Telstra id for a new Telstra plus, I asked how is that to work as my email is associated with my other Telstra Id ??? He didn’t have an answer, and what do I need to log out of one and then log into another one to check usage and payments??? No response on how to fix that. And then I asked so when the next phone in the group is up for upgrade you are going to move that one out of the household one too??  Yes was the response… um so three Telstra id’s to log in and out of, then what about our rewards points we love, now to be three to 5 separate ones so can only get cheap tiny things ??? No response on how to fix that either! Also am a gold member on the group household one but as each one has to leave it won’t be on gold privileges? No response on that either…. 
what a croc of **bleep** TELSTRA, I have been a VERY loyal customer for a very long time and you want to make it sooooooo hard for me that I will need to log in and out of different Telstra plus Id’s! UMMM YOU ARE SUPPOSED to be high technology and making our lives easier??
but yet you have just regressed to the 1990’s! I have lodged a complaint but was practically told I could cancel and that was about it, And there’s no other plans anymore so bye bye! Well if that is the case and Telstra now can not provide me with a service I have Been paying for not only will I cancel mine but the whole household and I will hand back every device and won’t be paying any cancellation fees. 
This is actually unbelievable and sneaky. And no person told me the plan change when I upgraded nor have I received any email about it. They blamed it on a glitch. Very very unhappy and confused customer 

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Re: Changing to upfront plans only when you upgrade

You could address your Telstra ID concerns with your Complaint Case Manager.


If you terminate a service, you could be liable for any outstanding payments (depending on your contact).

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