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Charged twice for the same period?

Hi everyone,

I've been on the Telstra mobile extra large plan from 19/4/21 to 21/5/21. I've been charged $65 once in advance on the 7/5 for the period from 19/4 to 18/5, and on the 21/5 I cancelled this plan at about 9 30 am (WA time). Just then I've received another bill from Telstra charging me another $65 for the same period (19/4-18/5), even though I've already cancelled?! Does anyone know why this is?  

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Re: Charged twice for the same period?

The monthly billing cycle would have been:

19/4/21 to 18/5/21

19/5/21 to 18/6/21 etc


You cancelled 21/5/21 about 9 30 am (WA time), which would appear to fall into the second bill cycle, hence you were charged.


If the bill indicates that the second charge is for “the same period (19/4-18/5)” then that is an error, but it does not affect the amount that you were charged.

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