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Confused $10 discount offer tablet plan

Hi, When I placed online tablet order this evening I saw a pop up offer on my screen for $10 off my monthly bill, however, when I clicked the offer there is nothing happen with my order.


The live chat rep advice me there is no offer with my order, the suggestion she gave me is to sign up in store or take the screen shot to store, but I dont have much time during the day.


So I attach the screen shot I got when I signed up the new tablet.telstra.jpg

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Re: Confused $10 discount offer tablet plan

As this is a public forum I would expect it isn't going to be much help for you with your situation however I would suggest keeping a copy of the screenshot.

Normally with special offers such as this it is applied when the online team actually process the order (usually the next couple of business days is my understanding) in the CRM and they would add that discount in under a certain promotional category.

If it doesn't get applied as you would expect I would wait to your bill is issue and at that point lodge a complaint so that the complaints team can get the code added to the account by the correct team. https://telstra.com/complaints

I would expect that a Store agent wouldn't be able to actually have completed that for you anyway as usually those sorts of offers are specific and can only be applied by the appropriate team (such as Online Store). So I would say placing the order online was the right thing to do and I would expect it to be right for you but just keep that for your own record just in case.
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Re: Confused $10 discount offer tablet plan

Good luck with that. I am currently on the phone with Telstra about this and nobody has any idea what I am on about .


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