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My 24 month plan expired in September last year however I have only considered upgrading in the past 2 months. I first applied for an upgrade 2 months ago, I didn't hear anything back but thought nothing of it as I understand Covid19 has distrupted Telstra's services. However when I didn't hear back for 4 weeks, I contacted Telstra but was unable to get through (I was disconnected 3 times over 2 hours). I then thought I would give ordering online another go early this week. When I hadn't heard anything I thought I would give them another call today. The customer service representative that I spoke with informed me that I was unable to upgrade my plan because I have paid some bills late. It is important to note that I request and am granted extensions when I am unable to pay on time and have no outstanding bills at the time of contact. I am struggling to understand the reason behind this denied upgrade and how I am to proceed given that my options have been taken away from me. 

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Re: Confused!

Hi @HelenB59 


All plan changes do now require a credit check. So the computer must've denied that change and the person you spoke to didn't have the authority to upgrade it manually.


You could try giving 13 22 00 a call and say "disconnection" to the bot lady (8AM-9PM M-F), which will put you through to the team in Adelaide that has more options available to them. I am not 100% sure if that is working during this COVID-19 pandemic (If it still does let us know) :-)




Due to the temporary COVID-19 support issues, it is best at this time to chase it up via the My Telstra app, use the "Get Help" icon at the bottom of the screen and leave a message. That will go in a queue and be answered as soon as they can.




More information on how to leave a message via the My Telstra app can be found at

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