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I am currently with Optus and my contract is due to expire in March 2012. My phone stopped working over the weekend and I called Optus who advised to have it fixed I would have to pay to have it sent off to be checked and then pay for the repairs or pay $350 for an 'early upgrade fee'.

Optus won't budge on this and I refuse to pay the $350 considering the product they sold me didn't even last the 24 months they have locked me in for. I am not looking for an upgrade for the sake of it, but because my phone doesn't work. Repairs always cost a fortune and I don't want to pay them when I can upgrade next March anyway.


My question is, will Telstra pay my 'early exit fee' if I agree to take out a contract with them for a new phone?

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Re: Contracts

Short answer is No. 


Telstra wont pay the exit fee's on the contract of another provider. If you're part of a campaign they may offer to pay part of it, or off set it with "Welcome Credits" but otherwise no. 


However in regards to the Repair, Remember you are covered by two levels or warrently. 


Please refer to the ACCC: http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/816328 (PDF viewer required)


If you're situation seems like those mentioned, Optus has no right to charge you for the repair or the cost to have it repaired.

Will update with something clever when the brain starts working!
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Re: Contracts

Just came across this thread by chance while researching something else.


I have thought about this issue for a long time.


It's probably about time Telstra, as well as other providers, start to get really competitive and offer to pay someones exit fees or contract termination charges.


Just think, how many times has someone managed to escape the clutches of a sales person by saying "Sorry, I'm in a contract".  How good would it be if that salesperson could say, "Don't worry, come across to us and we'll pay your termination charges".


Good in theory, but is it legal as far as the ACCC is concerned?

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