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Could not connect to proxy server

Every since I got my mobile phone (on a plan), about three years ago, there have been times when I am unable to access the internet.  This issue is when I am home (so in an area of good reception).  Usually I can gain access but there are times when I am surfing the net and it will not display the next page.  This usualy happens late at night and I cannot access the internet again anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.  


At first I thought it might be during high trafic, but it regualarly happens, often at night but can be at anytime, say 11p.m.


I am asking my question now because it has been over 12 hours of no access - I get a message saying 'Could not connect to proxy server'.  I am in Toowoomba, Mt Lofty.

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Re: Could not connect to proxy server

Can you tell us what phone you are using? If you are getting proxy server errors, that has nothing to do (generally) with your coverage.




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Re: Could not connect to proxy server

Its a Motorola, but I can usually access the internet.  It seems to be something like the exchange is performing a reboot, or something like that.  But it doesn't consistenly happen at the same time of day. But it does often happen late at night.  I don't have access to another phone to try it out.

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