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Data share question

I have a question about the new personal data share plans.


I currently have a mobile plan and a tablet plan, both with 1GB data each, both still under contract. Am I able to pay the $10 extra per month to add a data share plan and get 3GB of data (1GB for each plan + bonus 1GB data for first 12 months) to share between my mobile and tablet? Since I already have a SIM for each device, there is no need for me to pay the extra $10/mth for a SIM for my tablet, correct?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Data share question

Hi matt1089, 

Our data share plans aren't compatible with the Tablet plans. 

So these plans are based around you not having a plan for your Tablet, and wanting to access data on it, rather than combining the data of your Mobile and Tablet together. 

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Re: Data share question

I have 2 mobiles each with 1Gb data allowance. 1 phone pretty much uses all the allowance and the other virtually none. I also have a tablet with a pre-paid Telstra SIM. Can I use the data from the virtually unused phone to share with the tablet?

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