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Disappointed with Telstra Prepaid approach to phasing out Air

I am a longtime Telstra Prepaid customer and just recharged a month ago for the 365 days plan.


Recently there has been news Telstra is phasing out Telstra Air for prepaid customers as noted here:



I am utterly disappointed how they are approaching this phase out for these reasons:

1. If I choose to get a refund, it will take "up to 6 weeks for your cheque to be received." as stated in the above URL. Sending cheques as a refund option with 6 week wait time seems very old fashioned (reminds me of times when FAX machines were popular) I recharge with PayPal which is instant payment to Telstra, why can't they offer a similar refund instead of the old fashioned, slow cheques?


2. I have over $300 in credit I have saved up over the years being on Telstra Prepaid, also close to 200gb in data bank. These will be lost if I choose to accept the refund but will not be accounted for and I will just lose them.

3. They are not disclosing any information on which "new plan" prepaid customers will be automatically moved to on after October 13th. Yet they are only giving us only until the 20th of October to request a refund.


I can understand Testra moving forward and updating their systems. Although phasing out Telstra Air for prepaid customers is unfortunate, my issue with them is NOT phasing Telstra Air for prepaid accounts but the way they are approaching the refund option. It seems it is very backwards.

Unless things change in this area I will be using up all my credits/data bank I have saved up and moving on to another carrier. Again, I am utterly disappointment in this approach in options given to the customer in how they are phasing out Air for prepaid. My recharge will no longer be suitable not because of the phase out of Air but also other factors like credits and data bank saved, which they have not accounted for.

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