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Does Telstra's XS small plan still exist for mobiles?

As question states, does the XS mobile phone sim only plan still exist, I can find data sheets and stuff about it going up in price by $5 this March but nothing linked or accessible save calling them up.


We don't need data on this phone but my mother just got excessively charged for calls and texts on her mobile phone and really needs a static cost and while the XS one at $45 puts her phone charge at higher than what her average has been, it insulates price shock whereas all the small/medium/ and so on sim only plans all are charging for data she just doesn't need or want, and is unhappy at the idea of paying extra for.


I have my dad set up on one of them but my mum is very different, she just needs to be able to make phone calls and texts for a capped amount. She's on some ancient flexi saver plan which has clearly long become very useless.

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Re: Does Telstra's XS small plan still exist for mobiles?

Hi Puddlejumper,


The below link shows the latest Telstra Post Paid BYO plans. They all include Data and the cheapest is $55 per month. 



You do have the option of converting your mum's Post Paid plan to a Pre-Paid plan. This can be done in a Telstra Store.


Telstra Pre-Paid plans do include Data but the plans are cheaper per month than Post Paid. 

With the Pre-Paid Mobile plan (every recharge has unlimited calls and text to Australian numbers) you could recharge $30 with 28 day's expiry. You could set up Automatic Recharge which means that the recharge money will come out of a Bank Account on the same date every month. This will extend the expiry day's every month to 30 or 31 day's, therefore saving roughly 1 recharge per year.


I personally would recommend recharging $150/ 6 month's expiry or $300/ 12 month's expiry as this equates to $25 per month. I'm on Pre-Paid and recharge $150/ 6 month's expiry.


I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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