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Double dipping thieves

How can Telstra charge insurance for a device 4 for 5 months and then when it's stolen try to charge you $1,400 hardware repayment double dipping thieves I will be disconnecting every photo I have with Telstra and change service provided if this is not sorted within a week

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Re: Double dipping thieves

I can understand your frustration, but as there is no account access or billing access to anyone here at CrowdSupport your post here will not get any satisfaction for you..


Perhaps would be an option for you, especially if you have all the evidence to support your claim..


If could take a week or more to get a response...

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Double dipping thieves

It sounds like you have Upgrade and Protect on your service. That does not cover lost or stolen devices. You need to be able to return the device (either in good working order or damaged).


Stayconnected Advanced was the policy that covered lost or stolen devices, but Telstra hasn't sold that for a while now.

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